Good morning,
My name is Roy Ruiz and I am the current instructor to the Alamo Academy ATMA ELPT 1319 course for this semester. I am writing to you all to express my great amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for a number of the students in regards to their very impressive qualities of responsibility and respect.

For almost 4 years now, I have been active in supporting a local children’s home, The Davidson Respite House located at 605 Belknap. This past weekend was our Halloween party for the children. This group of students expressed interest in volunteering and I provided them with the necessary information. What came of their interest and willingness to participate was more than I could have ever asked for.

These students, our students, presented themselves eagerly, professionally, and with great care taking into consideration the wide range of special attention needed for each child. They handled themselves like miracle workers. I was so impressed with the care they took and the attention they paid to each one of the children. The staff also commented on how well they interacted, and how safe they were with the kids. This group of students has been welcomed to return to the home by the staff and the coordinator. This was a great honor to witness. I saw so many smiles that day. It was truly a sight to see.

Our tasks for the day were to set up decorations and arrange lunch tables, serve the kids, some needed help eating, as well as for the day’s activities which included a magic show, a piñata, and birthday cake. Our responsibility throughout the day is to attend to the children (under the supervision of the nurses of course) and make sure they are having fun. The children are all special needs and some need more attention than others. These tasks did not pose a challenge for our group. I was very content to have them there to help me. I knew right away that I didn’t have anything to worry about. They showed up early and stayed to the very end until everyone had a ride home. That is dedication and respect for your fellow man. The world needs more people like these.

I cannot express to you enough how much pride I feel and how honored I am to have these young adults as my students. I also and very grateful to them for who they are as young adults. They have earned my respect. I am sharing this with you as a way of expressing my appreciation to them, and I feel that you deserve to know just the caliber of individuals that we have in these students. The class as a whole is a wonderful group, but the initiative expressed in the events of this weekend really deserve our gratitude and recognition. They are role models, leaders, and are great inspirations to their peers.

The students joined me that day are:
Aaron Capetillo, Briana Gomez, Jose Figueroa, Andrew Flores, Daniel Carreno, Crystal Ledezma and Juan Lopez.

FYI: Here is the high school/ISD breakout of these amazing students: 6 different high schools/5 different ISDs.
Daniel Carreno-Diaz – Wagner HS/Judson ISD
Juan Lopez – Edison HS/San Antonio ISD
Andrew Flores – East Central HS/East Central ISD
Crystal Ledesma – Memorial HS/Edgewood ISD
Jose Figueroa – Burbank HS/San Antonio ISD
Briana Gomez – Burbank HS/ San Antonio ISD
Aaron Capetillo – Brennan HS/Northside ISD
Nichole Benavides – Brennan HS (Not ATMA student – girlfriend to Aaron Capetillo)

I have attached a few photos taken throughout the day for you to enjoy. I do hope you have the opportunity to experience the qualities they possess as I have. I am very much looking forward to our next event together.

Many thanks,

Roy V. Ruiz
St. Philip’s College
Adjunct Faculty
Biomedical Equipment Technology
1801 Martin Luther King Drive
San Antonio, TX 78203
(210) 322 – 6034