Student Enrollment Checklist

Please closely review the six-step application process below:

    • Step 1: Complete the one-page Alamo Academies application on our website at www.alamoacademies.com/apply
    • Step 2: Beginning October 15, 2016:  Complete the ApplyTexas application at www.applytexas.org for Fall 2017 semester. Once this is completed you will receive two emails; one from ApplyTexas and one from Alamo Colleges.  You may use the following to guide you through the ApplyTexas application: Steps for Apply Texas Application – Alamo Academies
    • Step 3: Complete AlamoENROLL: GO FAARR Modules.  Please see your high school counselor for more information.
    • Step 4: Take the TSI assessment through Alamo Colleges or your high school’s approved testing site; keep a copy of your scores.  Contact your high school counselor for a list of options.
    • Step 5: Complete the Dual Credit Form. See your high school counselor for the form.
    • Step 6: Contact your Academy coordinator for further information at 210-485-0811 or dst-academies@alamo.edu.

All items must be completed in full to ensure you are eligible for early admissions.  The deadline for early admissions consideration is March 3, 2017.  Please note that all documentation must be received prior to this date. 

Students interested in attending the Alamo Academies should complete the Apply Now section of our website.

Students may also contact the Alamo Academies at (210) 485-0811.