Diesel Technology Academy (formerly Heavy Equipment Academy)

Earn FREE College Credits

Earn a college certificate and national industry certificates at no cost!

Paid Industry Internships

Approximately $3,000 in a paid internship between the junior and senior year.

High Pay

Graduates can expect starting salaries from $10/hour to $15/hour.

Training Sites

Alamo Colleges St. Philip’s College Southwest Campus, San Antonio.

Hands-On Learning

Students explore specific career paths and acquire hands-on learning experiences, job-specific training, paid internships and college credit coursework in diesel and construction equipment technology.

Established Industry Support

HOLT CAT, ASCO (Case), ROMCO (Volvo), RDO (John Deere), Closner, Cooper Equipment, Zachry Construction, Dean Word Co., Martin Marietta and other heavy equipment dealers and construction businesses are partnering with the Alamo Academies and started a fifth Academy August 2014. The Diesel Technology Academy (formerly known as our Heavy Equipment Academy) provides a college pathway for high school juniors and seniors to attain industry and academic certificates helping to lead to high wage jobs or to further higher education while addressing critical industry workforce needs.

Starting Salaries up to $15 per hour

Diesel Technology Academy (formerly Heavy Equipment Academy) – Program of Studies Curriculum

Earning two Level 1 Certificate of Completion
Level 1 Certificate of Completion in Diesel Heavy Equipment
Level 1 Certificate of Completion in Advanced Diesel Heavy Equipment

First Year

Fall Semester -1st Year
(2 courses / 8 credit hours)

DEMR 1401 – Shop Safety and Procedures
4 credits

A study of shop safety, rules, basic shop tools, and test equipment.


DEMR 1406 – Diesel Engines*
4 credits

An introduction to the basic principles of diesel engines and systems.

*HOLT CAT ProTech Engine D&A DE 101

Spring Semester – 1st Year (2 courses / 7 credit hours)

DEMR 1405 – Basic Electrical Systems*
4 credits

An introduction to the basic principles of electrical systems for diesel-powered equipment with emphasis on starters, alternators, batteries, and regulators.

*10-Hour OSHA

*HOLT CAT ProTech Electricity TG 101

DEMR 1416 – Basic Hydraulics*
4 credits

Fundamentals of hydraulics including components and related systems.

*HOLT CAT ProTech Hydraulics TM 28

Summer – 1st Year
(1 Course / 2 Credit Hours)

DEMR 2288 – Internship: Diesel Mechanics Technology/Technician
2 credits

Practical general training and experiences in the workplace. The College, with the employer, develops and documents an individualized plan for the student. The plan relates the workplace training and experiences to the students general and technical course of study.

First Year total of Program of Studies: 5 courses and total of 18 credit hours.

Second Year

Fall Semester – 2nd Year
(2 courses / 7 credit hours)

DEMR 1329 – Preventative Maintenance
3 credits

Introduction to proper servicing practices. Content includes record keeping and condition of major systems.

DEMR 2432 – Electronic Controls
4 credits

Advanced skills in diagnostic and programming techniques of electronic control systems.


Spring Semester – 2nd Year
(2 courses / 8 credit hours)

DEMR 2434 – Advanced Diesel Tune-Up & Troubleshooting*
4 credits

Advanced concepts and skills required for tune-up and troubleshooting procedures of diesel engines. Emphasis on the science of diagnostics with a common sense approach. The student will analyze engine malfunctions; determine corrective repair; perform engine repairs; and adjust engine tune-up according to engine manual. The course will emphasize Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, and Mack electronically controlled engine systems.

*HOLT CAT ProTech  Electronic Troubleshooting DE 205

DEMR 2435 – Advanced Hydraulics
4 credits

Advanced study of hydraulic systems and components including diagnostics and testing of hydraulic systems.



Second Year total of Program of Studies: 4 courses and total of 15 credit hours.

Two Year Program of Studies: 9 courses and 33 credits hours at Alamo Colleges – St Philips College

Heavy Equipment Academy Curriculum & Pathways PDF

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Students interested in attending the Diesel Technology Academy (formerly known as Heavy Equipment Academy) program should complete the “Apply Now” section of our website. Students may also contact the Alamo Academies at (210) 485-0811.