Information Technology and Security Academy

Earn FREE College Credits

Earn a college certificate and national industry certificate at no cost!

Paid Industry Internships

Approximately $3,000 in a paid internship between the junior and senior year.

Training Sites

Alamo Colleges Workforce Center of Excellence, San Antonio and the Central Texas Technology Center, New Braunfels.

Hands-On Learning

Students explore specific career paths and acquire unique skills in information technology.


After graduation, students will be prepared for the Information Technology (IT) industry jobs. They will earn Testout Certification PC Pro, Network Pro, Linux Pro and Security Pro during the two year program of study and can continue training to receive other industry certifications or use their college credits toward further education at the college level.

High Pay

The IT industry paid $882 million in wages and salaries to 15,648 employees in 2008. Salaries at the local IT companies average at $56,359 with additional schooling and experience.

Established Industry Support

The IT industry has a significant presence in the San Antonio economy. Its economic impact in 2008 was $8 billion. Over 15,648 workers are employed with a $882 million annual payroll. (Source: Greater SA Chamber of Commerce study)

Increasing Need – The industry has grown 20% since 2005 and has doubled in size over the past decade. San Antonio is #2 in the nation for information assurance, behind only Washington, D.C. (Source: Computerworld Magazine)

  • IT Industry Growth Since 2005 20%

Local IT Salaries $56,359

Information Technology and Security Academy – Program of Studies Curriculum

Earning two Level 1 Certificates

Level 1 Certificate of Completion, Computer Desktop Support Technician
Level 1 Certificate of Completion, Information Technology & Security Academy

First Year

Fall Semester 1st Year
(2 courses / 7 credits)

ITSC 1305 Introduction to PC Operating Systems
3 Credits

Introduction to personal computer operating systems including installation, configuration, file management, memory and storage management, control of peripheral devices, and use of utilities. Basic computer skills are required.

ITSC 1425 Personal Computer Hardware
4 Credits

Instruction in networking technologies and their implementation. Topics include the OSI reference model, network protocols, transmission media, and networking hardware and software.

Spring Semester
1st Year (2 courses / 8 credits)

ITNW 1425 Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
4 Credits

Introduction to architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet. Covers principles and structure of IP addressing, Ethernet, media & operations.

ITSC 2439 Personal Computer Help Desk Support
4 Credits

Diagnosis and solution of user hardware and software related problems with on-the-job and/or simulated projects.

Summer Semester 1st Year
(1 course / 3 credits)

ITSC 2364 Practicum – General Computer and Information Sciences
3 Credits

Practical, general workplace training supported by individualized learning plan developed by employer, college, and student.

First Year Total Program of Studies: 5 courses and 18 credits hours.

Second Year

Fall Semester
2nd Year (2 courses / 7 credits)

ITSC 1316 LINUX Installation and Configuration
3 Credits

Introduction to the UNIX operating system including multi-user concepts, terminal emulation, use of system editor, basic UNIX commands, and writing script files. Includes introductory system management concepts.

ITSY 1342 – Information Technology Security
3 Credits

Instruction in security for network hardware, software, and data including physical security; backup procedures; relevant tools; encryption; and protection from viruses.

Spring Semester
2nd Year (2 courses / 8 credits)

ITSE 1302 Computer Programming
3 Credits

Introduction to computer programming with emphasis on the fundamentals of design, development, testing, implementation, and documentation. Includes language syntax, data and file structures, input/output devices, and files.

ITSE 1311 Beginning Web Programming
3 Credits

Skill development in web page programming including mark-up and scripting languages.

Second Year Total
Program of Studies: 4 Courses and 12 Credit hours

Total Program of Studies: 9 Courses and 30 Credit hours at Alamo Colleges – San Antonio College

ITSA Curriculum & Pathways PDF

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