Near home in San Antonio, I had a chance to volunteer last Friday, speaking for an hour to a group of high school juniors and seniors who are part of the health professions program within in the Alamo Academies program that prepares students for careers in areas including aerospace and manufacturing (companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Toyota are sponsors). The students are earning credits that count for both high school and college.

The students are starting to work toward their planned careers, with ambitions including being a NICU nurse, a surgeon, a veterinarian, and other paths. I gave them what was perhaps their first introduction into the types of problems we are working to solve in healthcare — and how they will, thankfully, be more likely to be able to participate in not just doing their job, but also in improving the way healthcare is delivered.

I started by telling the class how much I admired the career path they were choosing and how important their future work will be. I asked them why they want to work in healthcare and, of course, it’s all about taking care of patients.

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